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Due diligencePrior to the acquisition of shares and stock or enterprises as commissioned by legal entities or private individuals, we compile a due diligence analysis procedure for financial and tax areas.

Scope of Due Diligence Procedure:

  • Review and analysis of specific items contained in the Profit & Loss Account in subsequent periods.

  • Analysis of sales revenues and operating expenditure (by type of operations, direct and indirect costs, depending on data available.)

  • Analysis of other operating and financial revenues and expenditures.

  • Analysis of key working capital items (liabilities, receivables, stock) with special consideration of the realistic aspect of receivables disclosed as well as usefulness of existing stock in operations.

  • Analysis of existing fixed assets. Financial analysis of the Company.

  • Conducting interviews with the management and Company representatives in relation to documentation and information submitted.

  • Analysis of adequacy of tax settlements, in particular as follows:

    - Materials from tax audits if applicable.

    - Analysis of interpretations from tax authorities if applicable.

    - Analysis of adequacy of settlements on corporate income tax with particular attention to non-deductable costs. 

    - Analysis of transactions conducted with related entities. 

    - Adequacy of tax settlements.

Chartered Auditor Apprenticeship Program

Praktyki Chartered auditor apprentices are offered the option of undergoing the apprenticeship program in our company. In line with the resolution adopted by the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors on programs and principles of undergoing internship ...


Internship Programs

Asystenci biegłego rewidentaWe offer a one-month paid internship program in the accounting office to students of Economics - year 4 and 5 (accounting-related majors are preferred) with prospective full time employment. Contact details: rekrutacja@auditor.sopot.pl.


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