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Auditor - Audyt, Rachunkowość, Doradztwo podatkoweAs part of other services, we render tax consulting services (opinions and interpretations in terms of tax law application). We also render ongoing consulting services which consist in an ongoing interpretation of legal regulations concerning financial, accounting, and tax solutions as well as their appropriate application. This type of consulting may relate to any scope of issues.

We apply two types of consulting agreements:

  • Agreement based on a monthly flat rate fee, with no duration stated. Under this agreement, we commit to unlimited telephone consultations and brief information transmitted electronically as well as to a monthly visit at the Client’s site (where necessary.) The agreement does not cover the duty to compile written explanations or tax opinions which may be subject to a separate commission or an agreement.

  • Agreement based on an hourly rate. In such case, the working time is settled monthly, depending on the degree of service utilization. The agreement covers telephone consultations and electronic consultations and may cover the compilation of written explanations and tax opinions in line with an hourly rate set, proportionally to commitment. Working time does not cover transportation time, telephone calls below 1 minute, and is specified exact to 15 minutes.


Chartered Auditor Apprenticeship Program

Praktyki Chartered auditor apprentices are offered the option of undergoing the apprenticeship program in our company. In line with the resolution adopted by the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors on programs and principles of undergoing internship ...


Internship Programs

Asystenci biegłego rewidentaWe offer a one-month paid internship program in the accounting office to students of Economics - year 4 and 5 (accounting-related majors are preferred) with prospective full time employment. Contact details: rekrutacja@auditor.sopot.pl.


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