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Accounting Office

Beside our core competencies, we handle accounting for small companies by way of keeping trading portfolios in the form of an accounting office. We offer comprehensive accounting services in Polish or in English in line with the Accountancy Law as well as on International Financial Reporting Standards. We also handle tax revenue and expense ledgers.

As part of the trading portfolio handling scheme, we offer the following services:

  • Handle trading portfolios (using Symfonia Finanse i Księgowość software.)
  • Timely compile payroll and other related services.
  • Compile monthly social insurance returns (DRA), calculate advances towards personal income tax and annual returns (PIT-4R.)
  • Calculate and compile monthly VAT returns (VAT-7), and calculate advances towards corporate income tax.
  • Compile additional reports (as required by shareholders, e.g. printouts of the Balance Sheet and Profits and Loss Statement at quarter end.)
  • Ongoing tax consulting services (basic level – relates to issues concerning documents submitted.)
  • Compile a financial statement as at the fiscal year end (additional remuneration equal to the monthly rate) along with CIT settlement (CIT-8).