Audting Services

Our core competencies consist in auditing financial statements; this represents approximately 70% of our annual revenues. Every year, we audit about 100 enterprises, mainly in the Pomorskie Province, as well as across the entire country. We analyze financial statements in various economic sectors: industrial, commercial, services, insurance, banking, etc. We deal with individual statements, accumulated statements, and consolidated statements; and with entities which have various legal statuses: joint-stock companies (including public trading companies, companies listed on the main floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange), limited liability companies, general partnerships, cooperatives, and individuals who conduct business operations.

Acting as an entity authorized to audit financial statements, we audits public trust institutions. In line with the Law on Chartered Auditors and Related Authorities, Entities Authorized to Audit Financial Statements, and on Public Oversight, dated 7 May 2009 (Journal of Laws, issue 77, item 649), we publish annual data on our operations.

Clients who are interested in our services concerning audits of financial statements are requested to fill in a survey which will allow us to determine company size and to suggest adequate remuneration for relevant services.

Auditing Methods and Techniques

Audits of financial statements are conducted based on a schedule set as part of the planning process by the team of experts composed of chartered auditors, apprentices, and assistants. Audit schedules are based on financial reporting and are customized to fit a specific business entity. The allocation of work to particular members of the auditing team is performed taking into account the significance and adequacy of specific audited areas as well as the knowledge and experience of a relevant team member. While auditing financial statements, auditing procedures, methods, and techniques are used which result from national and international accounting standards. A chartered auditor who is an expert in a relevant field is responsible for the technical aspect of auditing a financial statement. Where doubts arise as part of the financial statement audited, we use services of other people (experts.) Due to the official secret requirement, we do not use the services of people who we do not know (coincidental people.) While allocating work at entities we have already audited, we make it a point to have one chartered auditor or a different member of the auditing team verify different areas audited. In line with the standards of professional conduct issued by the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors, we perform audits of compliance and assurance while setting appropriate audit risk and the level of significance. While specifying the scope of a task, we apply comprehensive or random audits in relation to specific areas. We also participate in the stocktaking of property items and in confirming settlement balances.

We conduct audits at company sites (we do not carry any documents outside the site, instead we only make necessary photocopies). We compile any statements necessary to audit a report, and we only require cooperation from representatives of audited entities concerning the submission of information, granting access to documentation, as well as ensuring computer printouts (from the financial and accounting system as well as from supplementary systems – Inventory Management, HR and Payroll, and Fixed Assets.)

Upon the completion of services, we draft an opinion and a report from the audit in Polish as well as additionally in English or German (at the Client’s request.)


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