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Business transformations As expert auditors, we draw up opinions regarding the viability of the transformation plan in the process of company transformation, pursuant to the Code of Commercial Partnerships and Companies.

Entities to be transformed may take the legal form of:

  • a general partnership,
  • a professional partnership,
  • a limited partnership,
  • a limited joint-stock partnership,
  • a limited liability company,
  • a joint-stock company.

Each of those may be transformed into another entity under commercial law (i.e. a transformed partnership/company).

We also assist in transformations of sole proprietorships into single-shareholder limited liability companies.

Chartered Auditor Apprenticeship Program

Praktyki Chartered auditor apprentices are offered the option of undergoing the apprenticeship program in our company. In line with the resolution adopted by the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors on programs and principles of undergoing internship ...


Internship Programs

Asystenci biegłego rewidentaWe offer a one-month paid internship program in the accounting office to students of Economics - year 4 and 5 (accounting-related majors are preferred) with prospective full time employment. Contact details: rekrutacja@auditor.sopot.pl.


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