Tax Audit

We conduct tax audits concerning the adequacy of principles of settlements used towards the state budget, budgets of local authorities, aimed to identify irregularities concerning tax settlements while determining the scope of potential adjustments and doubtful situations – ones which do not present a clear-cut violation of tax regulations but which may create doubts during potential treasury audits.

As part of services related to tax audits, we offer the following services:

  • Detailed review of VAT settlements with the Tax Office (review of documents, records, and tax returns.)
  • Review of settlements due from personal income tax (role of tax contributor, adequacy of calculation and contribution of advances towards remunerations, PIT-4R).
  • Review of social insurance settlements related to remunerations.
  • Adequacy of disclosing tax revenue and tax deductable costs for corporate income tax purposes.
  • Adequacy and timeliness of other tax settlements (National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund, tax on real estate, tax on means of transportation, nature conservation, product fees.)



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Biuro rachunkowe

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